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Stat-keeping and team/league/tourney management for baseball and softball wrapped into one easy-to-use app. Now available for early access use!

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Features for everyone.

Players Info
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Help give us feedback!

We appreciate your feedback as we conduct the early access phase of Ballplayer. Help us make the perfect app for you through the three ways to give feedback below!


In-App Bugs (Crashes/Errors)

In the event any bug (technical issue) is encountered while using the app, we ask that you capture a screen recording of the issue as it occurs. Please submit the video along with a concise description of the problem. Click the button below, or go to the 'Give Feedback' section in the app menu to report a bug.

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General Feedback

After gaining familiarity with Ballplayer features and functionalities, we would greatly appreciate the completion of this quick, three-minute feedback form. Thank you!

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More Feedback

If the feedback form above has been submitted and there is still outstanding feedback, contact us at the bottom of this page or email us at with your comments!

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Stats for life.

Every hit, every catch, every stolen base, it's all yours.


Satisfied Users

“As a player, I love how I can have my own player profile that can be followed by other people. I also love how valuable the information provided in the feed tab is!”

Jared Miller

“Clean interface. Great scorekeeping flow and it all saves to my profile. The in-app messaging is huge, no more broken text threads with my teammates when someone has an Android and others iPhones”

Juan Souza

“All my stats are uploaded directly to my player profile to share and keep forever!”


The App

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