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League Admin


Ballplayer simplifies league administration, enabling League Directors to effortlessly set up leagues, organize schedules, and track stats. It also enhances engagement by providing real-time updates and fostering effective communication between league followers and teams, all for FREE!


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League Creation and Management

League Directors can effortlessly establish their league in the app, inviting teams and organizing the season schedule, ensuring a centralized platform for league coordination.

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Versatile Scorekeeping Options

Games can be actively scorekept or teams can opt to input final scores post-game, offering flexibility in tracking game outcomes and maintaining accurate league records.

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Engaging League Following Feature

Users can follow leagues to receive updates, view standings, and stay connected with league activities, enhancing fan engagement and community building.

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Real-Time Notifications for Followers

Followers of the league receive instant notifications about important league activities, ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

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Comprehensive Season Scheduling

Enables League Directors to schedule all games for the season, providing a structured and easily accessible season overview for all participating teams.

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Centralized Team and Player Stats

All team and individual player statistics are meticulously recorded and preserved within the app, providing an extensive database for performance analysis.

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Targeted Communication Tools

League Directors can broadcast announcements to all followers or engage in direct conversations with team administrators, facilitating effective and targeted communication

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