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Ballplayer elevates the player experience, offering profile personalization, comprehensive stat tracking, streamlined game scheduling, and efficient team communication, all for FREE. The app also connects players with the broader baseball and softball community, fostering personalized engagement and the opportunity to build a fan base.


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Personalized Player Profiles

Easy creation and customization of profiles with stats, teams, and bio are available, along with options for public or private visibility settings.

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Follow Players, Teams, Leagues, and Tournaments

Staying updated and engaged with the community is possible by following other players, teams, and sporting events.

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Game and Season Calendar

The app facilitates the organization and management of game and season schedules, helping players stay prepared for upcoming matches.

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Lifetime Stats Tracking

The app enables the tracking and storage of stats across games, seasons, and careers, offering a comprehensive view of a player's progress and achievements.

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Building a Fan Base

Enhancing visibility and opportunities within the sport is achievable as players grow their follower base, attracting friends, coaches, and scouts.

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Personalized Feed

Tailored updates and news based on followed players, teams, leagues, and tournaments are available in the feed tab.

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