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Ballplayer is ideal for parents with young athletes, offering easy management of child accounts, streamlined scheduling, and real-time game updates. It ensures privacy, fosters easy communication with coaches, and keeps parents connected and informed about their child's sporting progress, all for FREE!


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Child Account Management

Parents can easily create and manage accounts for multiple children on one profile, providing a safe and controlled way for young players to use the app.

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Real-Time Game Updates

Parents can follow their child’s games, receiving live updates and performance statistics, keeping them connected with their child’s sporting activities.

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Easy Schedule Tracking

The app allows parents to quickly view their child's game and practice schedules, helping them stay organized and up-to-date with their young athlete's activities.

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Enhanced Privacy Controls

With strong privacy settings, parents can ensure their child’s account and information are protected, controlling who can view and interact with their child’s profile.

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Direct Communication with Coaches and Teams

The messaging feature allows parents to communicate directly with coaches and team managers, facilitating better coordination and involvement.

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Safe Community Engagement

Parents can engage with a community of other parents, coaches, and teams, in a secure and controlled environment within the app, with the ability to report and block other profiles.

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