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Ballplayer provides FREE essential tools for youth baseball and softball team managers, streamlining scorekeeping, communication, scheduling, and uniquely integrating with tournaments and leagues.


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Advanced Scorekeeping

Scorekeeping setup is streamlined, with options for managing lineups, recording game actions, and adjusting player positions during live games.

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Live Updates & Insights

The feed tab provides dynamic, real-time updates on players and teams, offering managers and fans valuable insights into game progress and player performances.

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Stats Saved For Life

All player and team statistics are stored indefinitely. This allows for a comprehensive, long-term view of players' progress and team performance, making it invaluable for tracking development over time.

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Flexible Team Roles

Ballplayer enables assigning multiple roles like manager, coach, player, and parent, with unlimited admins and scorekeeping access for all roles, enhancing team management flexibility.

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Scheduling Made Simple

Managers can schedule games or seasons in advance, with the ability to edit game times and statuses, ensuring smooth coordination and planning.

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Efficient Communication

The app facilitates effective team communication through automated team threads and options for individual and group messaging, ensuring everyone stays informed.

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The app provides the functionality for teams to join existing leagues and tournaments within the app, simplifying the process of participating in competitive play and event scheduling.

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